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Industrial Fans

The industrial fan has been our core product since our parent compay's formation (Turbo Dynamics Ltd) in 1972. We have been manufacturing fans in Dublin contineously since the early 1970s. Our client list during this early period consisted of the major induistrial operators in Ireland.

Clients included


Aughinish Alumina Ireland


Irish Cement

Irish Sugar

Kerry Ingredients


Wyeth Media

Fan were manufactured here in Dublin and to this day our facility in Dublin still retains the capacity to fabriciate fans in house. When the need arises we can maufacture fans from start to finish within days of instruction.

We are equipped with the latest CAD-CAM technology to cut steel profiles on out plasma cutting machine. In additon the criticalcomponent in a fan, the impeller is also designed, fabriciated and balanced here at out our facility.

Fan Types
Centrifugal Fans
Backward Curved Aerofoil Blades
Backward Curved Inclined Blades
Paddle Bladed
Axial Fans
Bifurcated Axial Fans
Long and Short Cased Axial Fans
Plate Mounted Axial
Material Handling Fans
MHP High Pressure Fans  
CD20 Range Paddle
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